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Name: Benjamin van Soldt

Email: B.J.van.Soldt (AT)

Often used avatar: Thralni

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So, this is all about me, however arrogant that may sound. I put up some pictures so you may see who burdened you with this website. My contact details are to the left.

So I am benjamin van Soldt. I made this website and littered my junk all over it. I have been an aviaition fanatic since forever and my first time in an airplane (after my birth) was when I was 3 months old. What can I say? I love airplanes. I tend to like the big airliners more than the small GA props, but given the right circumstances I can like all types of aviation and I engage in lots of types of aviation in Flight Simulator.

I am not a real pilot. I am but a simple “PC Pilot”, but I enjoy it and I hope, when I’m old and rich, to still take flying lessons and at least get a license to fly motorised gliders. For now I’ll have to make do with a simple joystick and my keyboards, although I intend to build my own throttle quadrant when I have the time to do so.

Besides an aviation fanatic, I’m a student of biology at Leiden University, The Netherlands. It took me some time (over a year, really...) to find the field I was really interested in, but now that I found it, I know what direction to head in. As it stands now, I’ll either continue in one or a combination of Evolutionary biology, Behavioural biology or neurology. Which one it will be only the future knows.

Besides that, I have been playing the trombone for a long time now. I started out when I was 12, and have since played in two orchestras and a Klezmer ensemble. I all enjoy it and my interests extend to mostly soundtracks, game music and classical music.